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Just Add Power HDMI over IP 2G Plus (2G+) Launched by Europe VoIP Distribution

Just Add Power 2G+ HD over IP

Just Add Power 2G+ HD over IP

At CEDIA in Indianapolis Just Add Power is launching the Second Generation Plus (2G+) HD/IP™ Enhanced Transmitter/Receivers.  The 2G+ models are backwards compatible with standard 2G Transmitters/Receivers.  Available in Europe from HD Connectivity, the 2G+ products provide enhanced capabilities designed to address some of the most requested additional functions from the 2G user community.

HDMI Pass-through Port on Transmitter – Useful for both residential and commercial applications.  Especially helpful for feeding HDMI audio to centralized amplifiers.  For Video Wall App users this provides a great way to attach computer workstations without disrupting the work of the end user.

USB over IP – using the same single CATx cable, USB over IP provides a way to support remote Keyboard/Mouse control, Touch Screens, and even game controllers.  Up to 7 USB devices can be connected to the Receiver using USB hubs.  There is a micro-USB port on the Transmitter and 2 USB-A ports on the Receiver.

Integrated Stereo Audio Extractor with programmable Audio Delay – All 2G+ devices have an industry standard 3.5mm stereo mini-plug on board.  This port extracts the stereo 2.0 audio from the HDMI signal and converts it to analog audio.  This audio out port has a programmable Audio Delay module, allowing the audio to be delayed up to 170ms.  The Audio Delay function can be adjust programatically via IP or RS232 control, or manually adjusted via buttons on the bottom of the 2G devices.

RS232 on 3.5mm port with integrated Null Modem – no more trips to the electronics store!  Now it is simple to configure the 2G RS232 port to work with all RS232 controlled devices and accessories.

Locking HDMI Cables now supported – no more HDMI cables falling out in high traffic applications.

Independent CEC over IP CPU on board – featuring a new Pico processor, this CPU will be the gateway for future CEC over IP applications, allowing any control system to send CEC commands to control attached displays and HDMI sources.

2G+ can be mixed/matched with standard 2G devices, allowing the system to be customised with only the features needed to provide the desired end results.


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