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UniData SQ3000

UniData SQ-3000Unidata to present the world’s first Wi-Fi video conference phone

Live Cideoconference at work, at home, even in bed.

Many hotels have already adopted VoIP as the preferred solution for providing telephony service to customers.

UniData provides the best solution for hotels using VoIP and other services, enabling them to provide in-room telephone service and long-distance calling.

Hotel Solutions
Many hotels have already adopted VoIP as the preferred solution for providing telephony services to there customers.

UniData’s wireless phone allow staff to communicate in real-time from anywhere on the prmises. Thanks to hospitality applications on UniData’s WLAN phones, hotels and casinos can expand communications beyind voice alone. Application integration allows real-time messaging that will improve communiation with guests and ensure a quicker and more efficient response to requests.

Healthcare Provider Expands Wi-Fi Applications Deply one unified network to converge date and voice appliactions and reduce operation costs.

Improve communications between doctors and nurses to enhance patient care.

Facilitate network scalability to support facility expanse and integration of new Wi-Fi phone appliactions Solution.

UniData Wireless IP Phones make it possible for nurses to interact with patients and communicate with other medical staff quickly and easily.

Simplified network management esulted in the consolidation of IT staff while improving effcienncy and realizing huge time and cost savings.

Direct communications with nurses expedited response time and decision-making, thus improving patient care.

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